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Who is BidCoin? BidCoin is a web site and poker application that allows anyone, anywhere, can use to play poker at any time.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) are its only way of currency. Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer payment system(seeВ Bitcoin). Getting StartedBidCoin can be played directly from any Internet connected web browser. There are is no need to download anything on your computer unlike all the other poker sites. You don’t have to download anything if you don’t want to but, We also have downloadable version which is 100% safe and secure. Anytime you simply log on and play. It’s the newest HTML software made for poker players. How do I open an account? Opening an account is as simple as registering a username and password. There are no difficult forms to submit and we don’t require your personal information. Email address and password is basically all that is req. This is extremely valuable if you ever lose your password or need to reset access to your account. We will NOT reset any account that has not provided an email address, due to our inability to verify the account owner in any way. Make sure that the email account you provide has a secure password, since it can be used to access your poker account. Your email will be used in the case of catastrophic site failure, domain seizure, or other unforeseen circumstances. How do I fund my account? Games are played with chips. One bitcoin always equals 1,000. 00 chips. You send any amount of BTC (or even fractions of BTC) to a deposit address that you will find on your ‘My Account’ or cashier page after you register. Deposits require two confirmations (these happen automatically), and typically complete in ten-to-thirty minutes. Sometimes it requires more confirmations but almost always under 30 min. Do I need money Although BidCoin is a bitcoin-only poker site, we often offer freerolls where you can play in a tournament for free and win free chips. Someone could start with zero funds and run up a substantial poker bankroll. We see cash outs all the time from people who never even deposit any coins. What different limits do you offer? We offer full range of limits in our poker games. You can play the micro-stakes for fractions of chips all the way up to the high-limit full bitcoin games. How can I withdraw from my account? Just as you can easily send BTC to your BidCoin account, we can quickly and reliably send BTC to any address you specify. We strive to complete all cashouts within twelve hours to 24 hours. Please during this time DO NOT email us and ask when I will send you cash outs. We need this time to allows us to check and verify that your withdrawal request and make sure is legitimate and that your account has not been compromised. Occasionally, during periods of high transaction volumes, it may take longer than 24 hours to complete a cashout. However, the overwhelming majority of cashouts are completed well within the twelve hour to 24 hour window specified. What poker software do you use? Is it safe? There are no known security flaws with this established poker software package. However, just because no flaws are known does not mean that it is inconceivable that problems may arise in the future because after all these are softwares and all softwares have bugs. We take security extremely seriously and we are constantly monitoring gameplay and account activity looking for irregularities. We ask our community of players to always be watchful and to report anything you think needs our attention as soon as you can. Any glitch or cheating or any types of non normal activities please report toВ info@BidCoin. euHow do you protect player funds? Are my chips/bitcoins safe? Player funds are strictly segregated and are never used for operating expenses. What are the В rules regarding chat? Chat is featured in the lobby and on our poker tables. Chat is uncensored, and does not have to be in English only. Lucky Flop provides this unmoderated chat as a privilege to our players only. There are only a handful of exceptions to this policy:Spam:В we may disallow the promotion of other commercial products or services in chat. This rule is commonly enforced specifically in regards to the repeated typing or cutting and pasting of the same thing. We may bar a user’s chat, temporarily, or permanently for spamming. Excessive chat:В Typing large amounts of content in the chat box in a short period of time may activate an automated chat ban. Typically, this will be a temporary ban, and you can avoid this by simply letting others get some chat in between your missives, clever and important as they may be. Abusive and disruptive chat:В Within the very large boundaries of an ‘uncensored’ environment, we reserves the right to impose certain limitations. These limits may pertain to those who abuse others or behave in a way that is disruptive to our community, game play, or in any other way determined by management. User-Imposed Chat Block:В Users have the ability to block specific players’ chat from showing up in their software, as well as other options to disable portions of undesired chat. Inappropriate in-game chat:В Chat that can potentially disrupt or manipulate game play, such as discussion of hands during multiway pots, chat from a player not involved in a hand, or chat about concealed hole cards is forbidden. Gross and/or repeated violations may result in punitive actions that may extend beyond mere revocation of chat privileges. Management Discretion:В All decisions on chat moderation are made at the sole discretion of management. May I have more than one account? BidCoin. eu does NOT permit players to have multiple accounts/usernames. Playing multiple accounts is STRICTLY prohibited and will warrant in account deletion and loss of any amount of coins in that account. We monitor this based on IP address and a list of other securities we have in place. Please do not open more then 1 account. The rules against tournament multi-accounting specifically prohibits a single person from using multiple accounts to acquire any types of points. Several individuals using the same IP address from a single home are NOT permitted to play in the same multiple table tournament bc the IP adresss will not allow them to play. We vigilantly monitors the site for violations of the multi-accounting rules, and violators are subject to punitive actions such as account seizure, loss of balance and seizure, and/or restrictions on future play on the site. Punitive actions will be applied at the discretion of management. Are Bots permitted? Bots, or any other automated playing aids, are strictly prohibited. Management will strictly enforce this rule to maintain the integrity of our games. How do I know my opponents aren’t cheating? Strictly speaking, in any form of poker, especially in live poker, you don’t know if your opponents are cheating. They might be. That is also true of Internet poker. However, the software and management are always watching. We reserve the right to handle cheating/collusion/unfair play/manipulation at our sole discretion usually ending in forfeiture of coins and loss of account. We encourage our community of players to email us at info@BidCoin. eu if you observe anything that you would like us to investigate. Please include as many specific details (tables, date/time, tables, accounts, hand histories) as you can to help expedite any investigative procedures. If you are uncomfortable with anonymous ring games as a result of these concerns, we offer heads-up variants. Is the betting capped? Limit games have a four-bet cap when action is multiway, but are uncapped when the action becomes heads-up. No-limit games have no betting cap; Pot-limit games have a pot-limit cap. Our rake back promotions, combined with our other promotions, make the rake on BidCoin much lower than the industry standard. It’s cheaper to play here than almost any other poker game you’ll find anywhere. When do tournaments run? Some tournaments start when all allotted seats are taken, others start at specific times. You can see tournament particulars and other information by clicking on the tournament tab of the software and then selecting ‘Tournament Info’. May I register late? No late registration is available at this time unless it is stated. some tourneys will allow you to run late but only before someone is nocked out of the tourney. What happens if a tournament is interrupted? If a tournament is interrupted and cannot be completed due to problems on our end (not problems with the user’s personal connection/machine), management will return buy-ins and/or reward prizes at its sole discretion. What other rules are there on tournament game play? A player shall not intentionally excessively stall his turn(s) in order to alter the game dynamic, especially in order to meet a deadline such as a bubble or rebuy period ending. General Rules/TipsMay I play on multiple tables (multitabling)? You may absolutely play multiple tables simultaneously. Any tips for multi-tabling? Simply resize the tables to your liking by dragging the lower right corner of each. If you cascade the tables from upper right to lower left, you will always be able to see the action buttons when it is your turn which appear in the lower right. New cash game tables and sit-n-gos can be launched from your lobby page on the site. When playing multiple tables, you may find the pre-action checkboxes helpful.