Environment NFT distribution

Environment NFT distribution

Our aim is to operate responsibly and efficiently in order to minimise our impact on the environment.

Environmental policy

Our environmental policy is reviewed and updated in January of each year to ensure that we comply with all current or impending legislation. We do this in accordance with ISO14001 and aim to mitigate any environmental impact that the operation of our business may have. Commitment to innovationNFT continues to build on its record of good environmental practice with a strong commitment to environmental innovation.  As members of the FTA (Freight Trade Association) Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme we continuously work to reduce our carbon footprint. We have identified ways in which our impact upon the environment may be minimised, including:

Reducing empty mileage running through cross-network planning and synergies.

Continuous fleet replacement with Euro V compliant vehiclesUse of aerodynamic and double deck trailers to reduce fuel consumption and food miles5% bio-diesel mix and dual fuel trials.

Waste being pre-processed to reduce landfill by up to 75%Latest specifications for chill chambers incorporating ‘intelligent’ refrigerator plant and lightingReducing food miles.

Our target is to minimise emissions by maintaining our vehicle fleet to the latest EU technological standards (currently Euro VI), reducing the number of food miles that we cover, maximising the fill level of all vehicles and by introducing technology that supports efficient driving.  NFT also designed and introduced bespoke double-deck chilled trailers to deliver sandwiches for Marks & Spencer, enabling a third more goods to be delivered in one journey. Through innovations such as this combined with optimised route and journey planning, we take direct action in reducing our carbon footprint. There are clear environmental benefits of operating in this way and such practices also lead to lower costs in the supply chain, which can also benefit the consumer. Minimising food wasteIn partnership with our retail clients we’ve substantially reduced the amount of food waste that goes into landfill. Now products which are still edible are provided to charities for people in need. This benefits the community and is cheaper than putting into landfill. That means lower costs for us and indirectly for our customers and consumers.