PMtoCoins is a crypto currency exchang

PMtoCoins is a crypto currency exchang

We are a new exchange built on trust and we are dedicated to bringing you all the new coins that people want to trade.

Also unlike most offerings on CryptoStocks we are a live site with revenue coming in. Our site also just went through a redevelopment with a fresh new website and user interface. This IPO will consist of 1,000,000 shares. Each share is 0. 0001% of the site. 510,000 shares will be held by me privately and 490,000 will be available for sale. Each share will be 0. 0001 BTCThere are currently 2 revenue streams.

  1. Trading fee of 0. 2%
  2. Withdrawal fee of 0. 002%We also have plans to expand to add in Vote for coins which should bring in a decent amount of revenue.

The money raised during the IPO will go towards expansion of the site (advertising) and to hire additional resources to provide additional security and customer service. Dividends will be paid on a monthly basis. The total revenue will be split and divided by the number of shares you hold. I hope you can appreciate what a great site I have and how bright the future is, make sure you are a part of it.


  1. Excellent UI.
  2. Blazing fast server for Uninterrupted trading.
  3. Strong extension ability.
  4. Quick confirmations of deposited funds.
  5. Mobile supported. Full responsive pages get you monitor/trade coins anywhere anytime.
  6. We use SSL for the whole site. Website database and coins are hosted on different server to prevent any miss happenings in case of a server getting compromised.
  7. We have DDOS protection from the industry giant cloudflare. com
  8. Quickest support compared to all other exchanges we are always on IRC channel for the best support.