Issue 95 - Altcoin Weekly

Issue 95 – Altcoin Weekly

Issue 95 – Altcoin Weekly
Issue 95 – Altcoin WeeklyIssue #95
19 – 25 September 2015В This week has been an interesting week! Circle announced that they received their NY BitLicense, Coinbase announced that they are filing patents on Bitcoin technology, BitPay announced staff layoff, 21 Inc. announced their first product – a Bitcoin computer and KeepKey launches their Bitcoin hardware wallet. BobbyNot a subscriber? Subscribe at altcoinweekly. comBITCOIN PRICE (BITSTAMP)SPONSORLaunching this week, NeuCoin is a new online token for games, video, music and other online content. It’s designed for small online transactions (as little as 1 cent) like powering up a game for a nickel, removing ads from a video for a penny, or tipping a band a quarter. NeuCoin is easy to use and free for consumers to get started, and distributed to all ecosystem participants who help built its utility and value. Learn More.
В Latest NewsBitcoin startup 21 Inc. is releasing its first product, a computer that seeks to make bitcoin a standard feature of web services and encourage developers to build products that integrate the digital currency. Bitcoin exchange Coinbase, Inc. has taken what could be at mildly best described as an interesting move by filing patents for many of the key aspects of the current existing Bitcoin marketplace. BitPay has reduced the size of its staff in an effort to cut costs, according to an email sent by CEO Stephen Pair to the firm’s employees today. Circle has become the first Bitcoin company in history to receive the BitLicense and they can finally offer their services to New York customers again. EcosystemChina-based international law researcher Aiga Gosh briefly examines China’s economic history, its currency controls and the rise of bitcoin in the country. KeepKey generates and stores private Bitcoin keys and lets you make purchases online negating the need to trust a third-party service with your keys. MiningGlobal bitcoin blockchain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company BitFury is planning to invest US$100 million to build its second data center in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and the first technology park. Antony Lewis continues his writing on his new blog, this time with an introduction to Bitcoin mining. LegalRussia’s Ministry of Finance has developed a new version of its proposed law that would both outlaw and apply criminal penalties for bitcoin use. LearnYou might find Satoshi’s Bitcoin paper annotated an interesting read.

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