Issue 116 - Altcoin Weekly

Issue 116 – Altcoin Weekly

Issue 116 – Altcoin Weekly
Issue 116 – Altcoin WeeklyIssue #116
29 February – 6 March 2016В Ethereum’s price is skyrocketing further to above US$10 already! The price spike is insane. Good for you if you bought during the pre-sale and liquidating during the price spike. See for yourself Ethereum’s USD price chart on CoinGecko. BobbyBITCOIN PRICE (BITSTAMP)
В Latest NewsThe price of Ether shot past benchmark levels such as $9 and 0. 02BTC and Ethereum’s market cap is now well above 10% of Bitcoin’s. Forty global banks belonging to the R3 blockchain consortium simulated the issuing, trading and redeeming of commercial paper across multiple distributed ledgers to better understand how the new technology works and how to evaluate competing blockchain vendors. Factom is partnering with Ancun Zhengxin which offers electronic notarisation at 100 notarial offices in China. MarketBitcoin. comВ got a chance to speak with Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, about the current price bull run and plans for the year ahead. EcosystemStandard Chartered is moving ahead toward “full commercialization” with its blockchain trial for trade finance. OpenBazaar, frequently dubbed the decentralized eBay or Amazon, has released a beta version of the platform on the Testnet. Guardtime is to deploy a blockchain system to secure over 1 million patient records within Estonia’s eHealth programme. Block Size DebateCoinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong was at Satoshi Roundtable, a private discussion on scaling Bitcoin and he felt that the Bitcoin Core team represents Bitcoin’s biggest systemic risk. In a recent interview, Gavin Andresen claimed a removal of the Bitcoin block size limit would work out just fine. Mike Belshe gives a good roundup on who supports which implementation of the block size increase. LearnWe have come up with a simple and elegant technique for implementing hack-proof Bitcoin vaults, to deter Bitcoin thefts.

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