Bitcoin report by phoenix

If you have questions we will have an open line Q&A at the end.

Announcing “Bitcoin Collector’s Club”Attention future members of “The BitCoin Collector’s Club” BTCCC for short. We are just about ready to release the date for the registration and beginning of our first classes at BTCCC.  BTCCC will be a place where people can come and learn all they need to know about current affairs and how they effect the BitCoin world.  We will teach members how to get started and how to create true Wealth by collecting BitCoins.

There will be classes for the most basic approach of collecting BitCoins to the advanced more aggressive methods some may be accustom to in other markets of the past/present. As you may have seen or heard BitCoin has had an amazing run up in value over the last week 300% WOW and now some of those that were able to buy BitCoin before the run up are taking some profits. This type of flucuation in any new and VIABLE market happens simply by basic market driven dynamics FEAR of Loss or Greed (vigorous pursuit of a good price). LOL For those that already have BitCoin and got in at the high point before the profit taking started yesterday 04. 10. 13 may be feeling a little bit of OMG what did I get into, well for those all I can say is “Sit Tight.. The BitCoin is Still Spinning” and you will be a happy camper once again very soon.  Now for those of you that were not or have not been able to get set up to buy BitCoin we suggest that you become a member at BTCCC. Here at BTCCC you will learn the proper and easiest way to set up a BlockChain account/wallet and get started right away at BTCCC. The main reason for becoming a member at BTCCC is that for just a $40 per month IN Bitcoin  (NOTE: not dollars but Bitcoin) you will be shown in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS how to leverage your knowledge by sharing it with others into 5-10-15-20-30 or more BitCoins per month.

“What you may say” that’s right if you are a member at BTCCC and can follow some simple easy to follow instructions/suggestions you can turn $40 a month In Bitcoin into to a Wealth of BitCoin. Plus we will show you how to convert your BitCoin into $tuff a lot of $tuff (many places accept Bitcoin for purchases)..  LOLRemember the early bird gets the worm.. $Bitcoin.. so if you are hungry we know how to collect the Worms..  we will teach you to do the same. We have a conference call tonight 04. 11. 13 at 9 pm Eastern which may be our last conference call before the Hallowed halls of BTCCC open so be there or be square. To attend the conference callDate 04. 11. 13 Dial 712-432-0900 pin 275066#Time 9 pm EasternIf you have questions we will have an open line Q&A at the end. Invite all you know to be on the call, their grand kids are counting on them.  Jedi1You will need to get on the mailing list/Newsletter to receive our updates.