CoinEX started offering fee shares
CoinEX Digital Currency exchange and mining pools2014 IPO Brochure A – http://cl. ly/TaRHInitial Public Offering of Fee SharesEXCHANGE
– using CoinEX in a realtime environment. Facilitating the digital
currency communities in a clean and efficient framework. This is what
CoinEX is about. MINE – using CoinEX; it’s the core of
digital currencies. Through mining, coins become available. They can
then be traded on the exchange and become available to the general
public. COMBINE – our exchange integrates both mining and
trading onto one central site. This fuels a larger, faster growing
community, which influences high trading volumes and faster mining
rates, benefiting both the users and the shareholders. Combining will
offer CoinEX an edge; an advantage to spring ahead quickly into the race
with competing exchanges. After the success of the epools mining
pools of Erundook in 2013, development started on CoinEX and was
officially launched in beta July of that year. This was the next logical
step towards a platform which is meant to be an integrated, streamlined
solution for traders and miners alike. We have worked hard
during 2013 to develop a robust, smooth backend that both traders and
miners appreciate. Partner with us in 2014 while we develop a friendly
frontend that makes trading enjoyable, fiat integration and further
developing in security measures to meet the industry’s highest 
standards. The community needs to be served with the best possible tools
for a safe and enjoyable trading experience.     To make this
possible, CoinEX is offering 80,000 of 400,000 non-dilutable fee shares
(ticker symbol COINEX) at a price of 0. 04 BTC per share during an
initial offering scheduled to begin 26 January 2014. CoinEX fee shares
will be offered and administered on the cryptostocks. com exchange. Each
share represents 0. 00025% of the trade and mining fees collected. For
example, if CoinEX collects 100 BTC in trade and mining revenue, each
share would receive 0. 00025 BTC. The total of the public shares
(100,000) represents 25% of the net revenue of both the entire trading
and mining fees. The first payout will begin in May 2014; once every
month from then after. There will be a second offering of 20,000 shares which will be given out at a price of 0. 12 BTCSo be an early adopter and be sure to get your shares at the lowest rate. ѓYou can follow CoinEX on Twitter at https://twitter. com/CoinexPWЋ for the latest news. As a potential investor it is wise to consult with a financial advisor.