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Important Announcement
Over the next few days we are going to a reorganization of
bsvm, First we are going to introduces a stock split in order to lower share
prices to stay completive with other projects we are going to do 1/9 split  (for example if you have 10 shares you will
now have 90 shares and so on and so on) in order to do a split we will have to
a short term trade stop (48 hours )and I need all share holder in expose their
email address in order to transfer the shares needed for the split ( this
option is under your user setting tab and is a check box listed as disclose my
email) this is the only way to do a split as there is no option in cryptostocks
of as right now,  as of this writing
there are 506 shares that have not disclosed to us this information we will
only go by the list in cryptostocks and not by emails sent is say that you have
shares. each holder will receive the correct amount of shares when the split
takes place. after the split share price will be 0. 0055-0. 0066. this trade stop
will be

Thank you the staff of bsvm,