Indiegogo The Giant Crowdfunding seems to make ICO's Mainstream

Indiegogo The Giant Crowdfunding seems to make ICO’s Mainstream

Crowdfunding The Indiegogo platform has a plan to help initial currency bids (ICO) break in the mainstream, even if the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) improves its oversight of ICO emerging markets.

Published on Tuesday, Indiegogo’s new ICO investment platform will bring in this fund-raising model for a wide range of potential investors who, despite the ICO’s hype of the year and never participated in a token sale. ICO is a new and exciting new tool for Crowdfunding, stated Slava Rubin, the founder of Indiegogo and chief business officer. But what has been lacking so far is a platform that can make ICOs available to a global audience while maintaining the strictest standards of compliance and quality control. That is an essential step towards fulfilling our mission to democratize worldwide. Noteworthy, the platform will carry both utility and security tokens and will help start-up companies comply with SEC regulations governing protection offers. Under a provision of the 2012 JOBS Act, unverified investors will be able to invest up to 10,000 USD in each ICO, even those registered as securities. Although each company will be limited to contributions from this category of investors to one million dollars. Also, Investors will be able to contribute both to fiat and cryptocurrencies uses, eliminating an entry barrier that has prevented many non-cryptocurrency owners from entering ICO markets. Besides, Indiegogo and its partners will develop projects before displaying them on the platform, helping to protect investors against the scams that are currently in the industry. Only this week, the SEC filed a lawsuit against organizers of ICO PlexCoin, and one of these organizers was jailed for violating a court order prohibiting them from operating the token sale. The first project to use the platform is the FCFL, a start that plans to build a football league where supporters play an active role in managing teams. This participation will vary from making gaming calls to front-office decisions, and fans will gain voting rights by purchasing FAN chips. FCFL ICO organizers are Indiegogo alumni who used the platform to buy a minor football team to test the fan-driven team management model. However while the Indiegogo ICO platform will probably help the sales of the token to continue expanding, the service is also a significant growth opportunity for the company. Besides its ten-year history, Indiegogo has helped small and medium-sized businesses raise over 1 billion dollars, a considerable amount. But, according to an estimate, in 2017, ICO’s increased more than 3. 6 billion dollars.