Paycoin : 20$ price target at all costs, but please don’t dump.

20$ price target at all costs, but please don’t dump. Where to start? GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza promised that they would keep Paycoin at 20$ so they are going for it and getting dumped on in a really dumpy way.

What did they expect? Allthough there is little proof, there are plenty of alarms that should go off as soon as anyone reads anything that GAW SEO writes. Our advice is the get the popcorn and stay on the sidelines. Start a cloud mining operation, create a coin that you can only mine with your own cloudminers, but then make it a Proof of Stake that you can only stake with hash stakers and then create the foundation of GAW miner and then make it more complicated and put a bunch of marketing talk in a white paper and with enough buy pressure from the company side you too can be in the top 5 of coin market cap! Yes with enough cash you can just buy buy buy and create a big market cap. Talk about how your mission is to work with banks and be legit, sounds like a good start huh? Watch the Q & A and judge for yourself: This is how the mods on the hashtalk forum react to people calling them out about the 20$ floor.