The Company Today Bitcoin World

The Company Today Bitcoin World

British company engaged in crypto-currency mining like bitcoins and its rapidly developing alternatives: laytcoins and forks

The production activity is carried out in the northern part of Sweden in the economic and energy stability zone Node Pole in Boden, near Lulea and Pitea. Bitcoin World is engaged in professional mining for a relatively short period of time. Since February 2016 the CEO rented one of the largest data centers in Sweden from the enterprises KnCMiner, which had until recently more than 5% hashrate Bitcoin network. In the near past, the company held the fifth largest and voluminous pool of Bitcoin production, was engaged in manufacture of ASIC hardware for the miners and the companies, it represented the “Supplier of technology of Bitcoin transaction processing”, it built data centers and increased capacity for their equipment across Europe, manufactured by technological standards of 16 Nm (nanometers). This exact manufacturer developed the fastest and most effective energy-saving device, disposed only for their own usage, but since February 2016 to our usage either. PresentationCompany OfficeData-centerThe Bitcoin World Company presently has the most powerful industrial and private facilities for a successful and productive work in mining area. We have a well-equipped data center and beautiful natural environment: natural cooling, additional private upgraded cooling system, which, however, is rarely used, cheap electricity, which is taken directly from HPS.
The management of our company are mainly guys who were at the origin of creation are also its first investors. They are real experts in their field, who have taken their niche in the company. Operating Personal, in part people working under the previous owner (engineers, technicians), partially – new employees (security service).
Since the beginning of the rental period of the data center and to its purchase, the company was engaged exclusively in Mining for themselves. With the official registration, since August, new horizons and opportunities has been opened up for us. Now, with an own solid base of crypto-currency, we simultaneously give the servers for renting. For us it is important, because according to the lease-purchase agreement, we still pay the remaining monthly cost of equipped premises, regardless of the fact that the data center officially moved to the ownership of our CEO.
It should be noted that we have a very loyal prices for the rental of servers for our clients, we offer servers at very good interest payments, provide legal and economic guarantees. Bitcoin World Company is fruitful for both parties and mutually beneficial partnership. Today, the company is on track to expand: to buy new equipment in order to increase competitiveness and improve the performance of mining efficiency in tough competitive conditions. Mining TodayFrom the economic point of view, at this stage mining solely for themselves is a rather complex task. Delivery Server rent + Mining for yourself – this is the best option. In this case, Bitcoin World income does not depend on the dynamics of exchange rate of unbalance and Bitcoins. Servers price is fixed and the amount as a result not only fully covers the Bitcoin World spending on monthly payments to the previous owner, and other expenses, but also allows you to get good dividends. Company equipment today:At the moment, the data center is working on the following equipment: leased equipment based on KnCMiner Solar chips on 16 nm, KnCMiner Neptune on 20 nm, Personal machines – Spondoolies-Tech SP50, Bitmain Antminer S9, AntMiner S7, AntMiner S5, Antminer S3, AntMiner R4, C3SS5 (Smart Heat), Avalon 6, Spondoolies-Tech SP35 for SHA256 algorithm.

Spondooliestech sp50

The Spondoolies Tech SP50 is a high-performance cryptocurrency miner designed for commercial-level mining operations. It is a highly efficient and reliable miner, boasting a 13.5 TH/s hashrate and using a total of only 1950W. The SP50 is also equipped with a 6-pin PCIe connector, making it compatible with most motherboards. The device has four 28nm hash boards, each equipped with 32 custom ASIC chips. It also features a built-in web-based interface, allowing users to monitor and control their mining operation directly from their browser. This miner also features a built-in cooling system with semi-independent fans, ensuring the device stays cool and in optimal operating conditions. Other features of the SP50 include a self-diagnostic system, an auto-restart function, and a self-lock function that prevents thieves from starting the device.

Spondoolies sp50 price

The Spondoolies SP50 is a professional grade Bitcoin miner from leading Bitcoin mining solutions provider Spondoolies Tech. The SP50 miner is capable of delivering a hashrate of up to 15 TH/s, making it one of the most powerful and reliable miners on the market. The SP50 features a modular design, so miners can customize their rigs with the latest generation of Spondoolies components. It is designed to be both efficient and effective, delivering fast ROI and a low cost of ownership. The SP50 is backed by Spondoolies Tech’s experienced customer support team, so users can be sure that they are getting the best support available. The SP50 is currently available for purchase at a price of $3000 USD.

KNCMINER TITAN for SCRYPT algorithm. iBeLink DM384M for X11 algorithm. New Releases:The innovations are computing devices based on 28 nanometer chips of the latest models and 16 nm chips BitFury, that are leaders in the field of energy efficiency. As you can see, different equipment for power and performance – it’s Bitcoin World own equipment and rented capacity of KnCMiner. Now Bitcoin World stands firmly on the feet and is looking with confidence into the future. After all, Bitcoin as the internet, will never be canceled or denied. It is the future!