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Archives : Bitcoin News Today
Archives : Bitcoin News TodayIf there is a person I have been curious to understand what the hype is all about it would be the Most Influential Personality of 2015 (after Satoshi) (В©Coindesk) Mr. Brian Forde, director of the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT Media Labs.
Please dont get me wrong I very much appreciated Joi Ito’s message today but as he seems to be coming into the light his partner Brian very much remains in the shadow.
Aside from rather boring essays about his various Christmas list of “world changing” blockchains and other reasons why Bitcoin is not interesting the supposed influencer supreme has proved rather quiet in typical Bitcoin circles.
There has been little to no words on actual results from his “initiatives”: a stark lack of transparency and very little to no feedback of his supposed interactions with the ecosystem.
It brings me to ask why exactly Brian is qualified or has earned the credit to mingle with the leaders of the world at the WEF in Davos and speak on behalf of Bitcoin users at large.
I, for one, would be very curious to hear what he tells them and would like to personally question exactly what warrants this presidential attitude about Bitcoin?
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