ArchivesHey there, all you bitcoiners!
We wanted to let you all know about our new site, www. bitpantry. com. We hand craft and ship to you tasty food items we have developed and refined recipes for. Each food item is made especially for each order, no pre-packaged stuff here! And the best part? You can purchase these goodies using ‘regular’ money (USD) or with bitcoins! When you place your order, the total will auto-convert to the bitcoin equivalent on the payment page, and you can choose to pay via BitPay!
Although we don’t have a huge number of items up right now, we’re always adding new items, and we love to get requests from you, our customers, for items you’d like to see on the site. Additionally, because we know that there are many people with dietary restrictions of all kinds, we will customize any recipe to meet them upon request, or develop entirely new recipes based on those restrictions. So, please send in ideas, suggestions, and requests to stormy@bitpantry. comHow many of you like bacon? Have you ever tried candied bacon? Well, if you have, and loved it, or if you never have, this is your go-to place for candied bacon! Right now we have 4 flavour varieties: regular (delicious, smoky, bacony taste with a sweet wrapper), chili (spicy, sweetness layered with 3 varieties of peppers), cinnamon (tastes like a cinnamon roll with bacon wrapped in it), and holiday ham (think: glazed, baked holiday ham, but bacon).
Maybe you don’t like bacon, are a vegetarian, or just have more a of sweet tooth? We also have cookies and dessert bread! We currently have S’mores cookie bars (layers of graham cracker cookie, melty gooey marshmallow, velvety chocolate), Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies (chocolate cookies studded with chocolate chips), and Cherry-Chocolate Bread (a dense, chocolatey bread made with fresh cherries). They’re all really tasty!
Some of the planned upcoming items you’ll be seeing soon on the site include handmade beef jerky in a variety of flavours, trail mixes, spice blends, popcorn seasonings, and much more! Of course we’ll also be introducing new varieties of cookies, candied bacon, and breads as well. We’re always excited and interested to see what kinds of things our customers like and would like to have, so if there’s a treat you especially love and want, send it in and our kitchen will put it on the to-make list.
You can always be assured that your treats will arrive at you in the freshest possible conditions because: 1) You place your order on www. bitpantry. com. 2) We receive your order and make your items. 3) We ship your items the same day or first thing the next morning via priority mail.
This process ensures that you’ll never get treats that have been sitting on the shelf waiting to be ordered, and that the least amount of time passes between the creation of your treats and you enjoying them!
Please take a look, and tell us what you think! We’re still in the process of getting the site in shape, so if you find any errors or things that should be better please let us know, but please be gentle! We can’t wait to see your orders and ideas, and to create treats just for you!