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Archives TodaySometimes I like to sell things (digital goods) over the phone and have been promoting bitcoin along with this business. I talk about bitcoin in person too, when it comes up.
I think its possible to build a business around just telling people about bitcoin, educating them on it, and helping them accept bitcoin at the places where they do transactions (physical store, smartphone, online).
I also think its possible to make decent money doing just this. This is something I just recently thought of and I haven’t heard of anyone doing.
The strategy is mainly three steps: 1. Tell them about it, get them to buy some bitcoins and then send me some bitcoins for helping them. 2. (optional) If they live close enough, go bring them a bitcoin machine or kiosk and set it up for them. Receive another bitcoin payment. 3. (optional) Setup bitcoin payment gateway on their website. Get paid more bitcoin.
Has anyone been making money telling people about bitcoin? If so, how?
Or if you’ve never done this, how does it sound, and what would you do?
(Note, you don’t have to have a kiosk installing background or web programming background to answer. )
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