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Archives TodaySo this may seem obvious, but seeing as most rely on the Bitcoin Foundation to do something proactive in terms of publicity (which they obviously don’t, never have and never will) I want to share a tactic that does work.
And it’s simplicity is probably overlooked by most.
Having worked in the Bitcoin space for a number of years, causing a ruckus in 2013 and since having to deal with banks and financial institutions in London the general counter-attack being used on Bitcoin is to a) ignore it, b) if it has to be mentioned refer to it as a nascent technology.
Yet financial institutions in particular Barclays, Santander and Visa are really pushing social media marketing in particular on twitter. Most of their posts are aimed at gaining likes and shares or creating some kind of dialogue (obvious), so….
Respond, point back to an overt case of fraud, misappropriation, theft or malpractice, include a link wrt evidence (which generally brings up a nice great big photo of their brand with the headline relating criminal activity) and then just add #bitcoin (for hashtag visability).
Brilliant thing is it works, it sways public attention and makes them lose confidence in the old criminal activities of traditional banking and shows Bitcoin to be an alternative.
Let me give you a couple of simple examples:
VisaEuropeNews: 55-64 year olds are adopting mobile banking faster than anyone else. We explain why digital payments are soaring.
@VisaEuropeNews no they are just ten years behind, while those under 40 use #Bitcoin 😉
Bloomberg: Barclays says European stocks are a “buy” for the next 3 months, even if U. S. rates rise http://bloom. bg/2dlv9O2@business Weren’t they caught with irrefutable proof fraudulently manipulating the gold price with HSBC just today? #bitcoin (http://www. theaustralian. com. au/business/mining-energy/phd-thesis-stirs-up-a-1bn-goldprice-trial-for-global-banks/news-story/64e4c8158de0599949971f1f8b9d0c0b)
It may not seem like much, but over time it wins hearts and minds and it’s not anything they can stop, complain about or do anything about as there is no single point of failure that can be called to account with respect to bitcoin.
Point is we as a crowd can join forces and strategically and continually attack them in numbers where as they hire PR to spam your newsfeeds and coerce journalists and media to praise them and criticise Bitcoin.
We can turn this around in short sentences with linked evidence. Just ensure what you post is factual and has an element of humour (as you want Bitcoin to be perceived as a better alternative).
Be great if you could post evidence of your own attempts below 🙂
my twitter handle: (@bitcoinorama) should you want it
If you all did this once a day, or each time you saw some BS ad of theirs and countered, you’d be giving these guys so much more of a headache whilst bringing the alternative of #Bitcoin to mass attention – as your responses will be seen in ALL the feeds of the people their news and advertising is targeting! !