CoinAd - Free Bitcoins

CoinAd – Free Bitcoins

CoinAd – Free Bitcoins
CoinAd – Free BitcoinsIf you are a serious advertiser and want BULK traffic then we have it. In just 1 minute you can upload your banner, buy between 500k – 10million page impressions appear on all sites in our network. How It Works1. Choose your banner size
Instead of choosing a website, choose the banner size you wish. This ensures that your ad is served just 1x on each site so you don’t get 2-3x impressions per single visitor.
2. Choose your metrics
Choose your number of impressions, url to link to, which geo locations you wish to target
3. Upload your banner creative4. Receive traffic!
* A single banner placement on one of our popular banner sizes – 728×90, 468×60, 300×250 can serve 1-3 million page impressions per DAY. Ad SpotsSpot SizeSitesImpressions (Week/Month)Price per 1000 impressions468x601628,500,547/81,906,6960. 00043367BTC ($0. 1)728×901611,145,450/40,351,8620. 00065051BTC ($0. 15)160×6002572,252/2,700,6750. 00043367BTC ($0. 1)200×2000 —/ — — —300×250919,807,121/45,138,0370. 00043367BTC ($0. 1)500×4001661,964/2,989,4300. 00108417BTC ($0. 25)PopUnder42,121,728/4,736,1450. 00086734BTC ($0. 2)