IT integration. NFT distribution

IT integration. NFT distribution

We recognise that customers need to know the status and location of their product, that it will be delivered on time, in full and with the correct life and temperature.

Market leading systems for market leading service

To achieve this we’ve invested heavily in world class IT systems and ensured their integration across our sites. Stock is controlled using our leading warehouse management system which has been specially tailored to manage time sensitive and temperature critical products. All deliveries are controlled from collection at manufacturing site or our finished goods warehouses through to delivery by our central transport management system and in-cab solutions.

Fast, efficient and secure systems

We record all events relating to deliveries and ensure that your order to cash processes are straightforward and efficient. Our processes maximise data integrity and flow between multiple systems across the supply chain so that you can view live status and transactions in real time via our secure web portal and new user friendly EDI platform.

Dedicated logistics systems teams

Also critical to our customers is the delivery of projects to time, quality and budget. Our dedicated logistics systems team design and project manage the entire solution to ensure that customer requirements are met and no detail overlooked. Once delivered, each mission critical solution is continuously monitored to ensure the service is always on. Our ITIL accredited technology support team guarantees high service availability for all our critical logistics execution systems, be they from the cloud or on-premise.

Vehicle NFT Tracking Click

Vehicle telematics NFT partners with Microlise which enables us to track our vehicles in real time via GPS. This system also connects to our vehicle engine management systems enabling us to report on MPG, CO2 output, driver performance and other KPIs.