Texas Bitcoin Conference

Austin Fatheree is the owner of RIVVIR Consulting and partner in Async Ventures in Houston, TX.

Austin has been developing and managing software projects for 18 years and is an avid technologist. Recently Austin published his view on Crypto-currency and a pattern language for developing a robust and fair system in his white paper Art and Democratic Hypercapitalism.

Paper: The self compelling nature of Hypercapitalism Abstract:Once the populace understands that a hypercapitalistic system is technically feasible, the populace will demand its implementation. Digital currency allows us to demand an exchange of capital along with the provided goods and services for our owned cash and thus we can begin to build a system that establishes a social contract between citizens and the more and more dominant corporate state. This contract could do for citizen – corporation relations what the magna carta did for the citizen – state relations. The blockchain provides citizens with the accountability needed to bring rule of law to the relationship between Corporation and Citizen and the State and the Citizen.