ArchivesFocusing on its pros and cons and debating whether we should rejoice it or whether the world needs currency tracking and control for a healtheir environment.
Let me explain: While I’m a Bitcoin adept and would very much like it to get bigger and stronger, one cannot deny the degree of freedom it offers in commiting crimes that can end-up with serious casualties.
For example, trading of drugs freely on the Deep Web. Being able to buy an assasin. Being able to buy hacker services. Being able to even buy child porn on command. All on the deep web.
And that’s just the tip of it. The majority of hackers (well, carders) usually get caught because of how they work with money. Bitcoin could be a really good thing for them, and a really bad thing for the ones the money is being stolen from.
Anyways, like I said, pros and cons.
What are your thoughts? What others points should I touch? In which directions could I expand and just… general opinions of yours.
I’m somehow trying to link it to privacy, government control of the internet and propaganda and economical gains for the end user.
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