ArchivesI have been using bitcoins sparsely for the last few years, and I recently put money in my 2 year old Dwolla account. I went to transfer the money to Mt. Gox but they want a copy of my full bank statement, SSN, picture ID, drivers license, etc.
Dwolla won’t even let me move my money out now (they sure took it easy) to CampBX or to Gox unless they have full access to my Bank account, pin, Photo ID, scanned bank statement, scanned drivers license WITH PICTURE, and SSN.
Same with Gox, I can’t put any money in unless I give them everything in the world needed, to live as me, to use my bank, to get my bills, TO BE ME.
How is anyone else not up in arms about this? Bitcoin is suppose to be anon, and it has been for the last two years, now these organizations are the only ones in the world who would even ask for this type of information and are known to be have a very sketchy user base.
If any legit business in the world asked for this type of information, they would be shut down instantly.
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