Tweet<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://platform. twitter. com/widgets. js”></script>Read moreStefan BMonday 27 January 2014::Google blog Alerts – bitcoin::RSSbitcoin Another string of bitcoin arrests, this time in New York, have linked the crypto-currency to drugs and money laundering yet again. Charges were… Read moreDaniel WorkuMonday 27 January 2014::gmaxwell’s Activity::RSSJanuary 27, 2014 gmaxwell commented on pull request bitcoin/bitcoin#3589 data-size is perhaps confusing, since I’d expect that to be e. g. for txn >100kb. Read moregmaxwellMonday 27 January 2014::bitcointrading. com forums::RSSHonest Fine Art Dealer Recovering BitCoin lost from missing wallet. Get 50% off the purchase of prints, when you use the code “THANKYOU” on the shopping cart. Below dealers cost! in some cases below cost! www. http://fine-art-assets. com/ Promo code is (… ) Read moreMonday 27 January 2014::CoinDesk::RSSIt’s not just celebrities and high-flyers, but the everyday people you meet in bitcoin who make the scene tick. Read moreRyan GaltMonday 27 January 2014::MarketWatch. com – bitcoin::RSSThe U. S. dollar pulls back from a nearly two-month low against the Japanese yen, as the greenback remains vulnerable to major rivals amid heightened worries about risk in emerging markets. Read moreMonday 27 January 2014::Google blog Alerts – bitcoin::RSSAsian countries still wary of jumping on bitcoin bandwagon. When Pua Pyland, 33, heard that Overstock. com – one of the largest online retailers in the… Read moreMonday 27 January 2014::The Register :Bitcoins::RSSCharlie Shrem swooped on by feds at JFK AirportThe Bitcoin Foundation is shy a vice chairman today: US money-laundering investigators have arrested and charged Charlie Shrem, the 24-year-old CEO of one-time Bitcoin exchange BitInstant.
Read moreRichard ChirgwinMonday 27 January 2014::Google blog Alerts – bitcoin::RSSThe just arrested, Charlie Shrem is a big deal in the Bitcoin community. He is vice chairman of the major Bitcoin advocacy group, the Bitcoin… Read moreRobert WenzelMonday 27 January 2014::Google blog Alerts – bitcoin::RSSPokerati | Preet Bharara, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York, today announced the unsealing of a federal criminal complaint against… Read moreGaming CounselMonday 27 January 2014::sipa’s Activity::RSSJanuary 27, 2014 sipa commented on pull request bitcoin/bitcoin#3514 Rebase after logging changes. Read moresipa