ArchivesI’m getting fed up with all the nonsense I hear from some very loud opponents of Bitcoin. I’ve been trying to engage some of them in a productive debate for a long time, but in some cases they just avoid confronting the arguments.
I had an idea some time ago to offer anyone (in partcular opponents/skeptics of Bitcoin, of course) to debate about Bitcoin. I am not perfect or all knowledgeable, but I think I have a good grasp on logic, and can point out to fallacies in arguments. I have been researching Bitcoin for about 3 years and now I do economic research and and consulting about it full time. I have been also writing comments all over the internet about it, wrote a master’s thesis about it, have a blog. I have also been interviewed several times for magazines, radio and there are a bunch of interviews of me and lectures/conference presentations by me on youtube.
I imagine the debate would take place on google hangouts and maybe if there could be a moderator that would be great. I’m quite flexible with my time or the exact form of the debate. I don’t want any money for it, and I’m even willing to finance the moderator/opponent from the donations I get for my blog (I don’t think the donators would object to such a use of donations).
I’m announcing it here rather than on my blog, becuase I thought I might reach a broader audience and a better chance of finding a moderator.
Feel free to give me feedback.