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Archives : Bitcoin Alternatives
Archives : Bitcoin AlternativesI am currently working on a project for school where I need to make a trade market for Litecoins. Before I start of coding I want to have a clear overview of the techniques I am going to deploy.

I have noticed that there is an online Bitcoin wallet with an working api, Blockchain. Were you can make transactions, get your balance etc through the API. I was wondering if there is anything similar for Litecoins. I have tried searching but everything came up negative.

Does anyone knows a good alternative for Litecoins or a simple workaround?

I have looked at the following services https://www. coinwallet. co. Unfortunately they do not support Bitcoin. Only Litecoin, Megacoin, Primecoin and Digitalcoin.

I prefer to use an online wallet rather then creating a local wallet on my own server due to security reasons. If the only option is an offline one ill have to settle with that.

EDIT: suppose I want to make use of Litecoin-QT on my own server. Will this support the creation of multiple wallets for e. i the clients that will be using this platform?
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