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Just a production note; be sure to view this report all the way to the end. There is a nice surprise for members of my generation in the last minute. But no skipping ahead, you’ll spoil it if you don’t get the context before it. Ok. I have received 3 nice emails this morning in response to my last report concerning highly questionable caucus voting practices in one area of the state. These 3 emails report something very different a very disciplined and transparent system in their areas. I can’t be everywhere, so I have to rely on my reporters’ discernment of where the truth lies and I found all 3 of these emails credible. So in the interest of telling both sides of the story in order to properly present the truth to this audience, here is a report from someone whose entire family voted for Trump yesterday in the Utah caucus. This persons wants to remain anonymous because of work issues, but I assure you that I am in direct contact with him and find him highly credible. Mr. Still, I completely share your horror regarding online voting. We should all push for in-person paper ballots. I go as far as to be against absentee ballots even. вHopefully my experience last night will be at least partially reassuring to you. вMy precinct was run beautifully. ID was checked, wristbands were issued and checked at the ballot box. I and all present were allowed to watch the count. The volunteers even stayed late to allow a voter with a late commute to cast his vote. вOur in-person tally was as follows:130 Cruz (82%) 14 Kasich (9%) 13 Trump (8%) 1 Carson (1% write in not on ballot)вSadly, this is representative of the statewide results. There are several explanations for this:1) The local Mormon community is old-school conservative, think 1950’s style. They are not comfortable with Trump’s brash delivery. #2 The Mormons are very trusting of anyone who plays the Jesus card, which Lying Ted, of course, did. в#3 Mitt Romney is held in highest esteem by the Mormons. His Cruz endorsement was a big deal here. #4 Glenn Beck is also respected. His lunacy has not been picked up on as yet. #5 Governor Herbert is unfortunately well-liked and endorsed Cruz with an odd, almost-endorsement of Kasich. 6) The LDS church organization did not endorse a candidate but is very much an open-borders and sanctuary-city supporting organization. Messages from the Brethren of tolerance and charity come across as quietly anti-Trump. A case of taking Matthew, Chapter 25 all too literally, I fear. вAll of this combined to give my precinct and the state as a whole the numbers we saw. My friend is a county delegate in another precinct and had a similar experience. вFinally, I believe that a combination of the above explains the numbers in Wyoming and Idaho, [because of] the large Mormon populations there. They are wonderful people but are like sheep in their trust of authority and the establishment. The wolves in sheep’s clothing find easy pickings here. вBoth of the other two emails reported armbands of various colors and similar reliable voter ID check-ins to prevent double voting or the once-dead voting, etc. No voter was ever allowed to touch more than one ballot. But there is no question that Americans are beginning to worry ˜about voter integrity. It really only takes one well-publicized Iowa to shake the integrity of the entire electoral system. But when you then have a low-integrity candidate who will do anything to win even risking exposure then relying on silver-tongued snake-oil salesman oratory to confuse the very elect.. well my friends, the result could easily be. [insert The Music Manв, (1962), Robert Preston with lyrics by Meredith Wilson]But seriously, we need to clean up this arcane hodgepodge of a presidential primary system and make it legitimately represent the will of the American people. Surely we can create some totally secure voting system maybe using a combination of biometrics for voter identification and the blockchain for vote integrity. You want something to get involved with in your state? This is it, because it’s going to have to be done on a state-by-state basis.

I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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