Bitcoin-Best-Faucet. What is Bitcoin?

That’s a problem. I hate empty wallets. So we have to do something about it fast! I believe that times when my salary will be paid in Bitcoins are just behind the corner, but now.

What to do? Well there is an old-fashioned way to actually purchase Bitcoins. Like in currency exchange office. You simply pay for it with your “paper” fiat money (dollars, euro etc). Could be expensive though because at the moment you would have to pay for 1 Bitcoin (lets use that beautiful abbreviation BTC for it) about 600 USD. I don’t have it available in my pocket. Do you? If yes just buy it from links provided bellow. Luckily there are good people around which want to sell even the smaller amounts. Like 0. 5 or 0. 001 BTC. And 0. 001 BTC we can afford already, can’t we? You need to know a new term: satoshi. It’s something like “cents” in USD or EUR. Just a bit smaller. Each satoshi is 0. 000 000 01 of BTC (yes, BTC again for you to remember). So you can buy few hundred thousand satoshi. You can afford it. And one more thing: Satoshi with capital S is a name (Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the inventor of Bitcoin). I am feeling like wikipedia already. In our section “How to get it? ” you can find few tips how to fill your empty wallet.