CloudBet Affiliate – Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

CloudBet Affiliate is an affiliate program made specifically for bitcoin casinos. The program sponsors and promotes casino games made by CloudBet Casino.

The program only accepts payments and make payments using Bitcoin, which means that the company has very few overhead costs- this means it’s been incredibly easy for it to generate profit for itself very quickly. If you choose to become a CloudBet Affiliate, there are two different programs you can sign up to. The first program is a standard affiliate programme, where all members receive a predetermined percentage of money made from poker games and from the casino. However, on top of this members will also get some extra commission from sportsbook players too. The second program to choose from is purely based on revenue sharing. You can only opt into this program if you’ve already been a part of the standard program for three months- it allows you to earn a percentage of all revenue made on all CloudBet Casino products, which can be quite a substantial amount!

Because of the way Bitcoin works as a currency, affiliates of this CloudBet scheme don’t have to worry about taxes or legal deductions to the money they earn from being an affiliate because there is no government or bank involved with Bitcoin- this is definitely a plus side to the scheme! However, as good as all that may sound, there is still some downsides to the CloudBet Affiliate scheme. First of all, it only deals in Bitcoins, which can be quite limiting. However, if you’re signing up to the CloudBet Affiliate scheme, chances are you know this before hand and already have a vested interest in Bitcoins which is why you want to sign up so this may not be perceived as a negative to everybody! Additionally, there isn’t a sub-affiliation scheme available, which can, again, feel quite limiting for members to develop or have fun with the scheme. Lastly, there aren’t any established payment dates. Essentially, you get paid when you get paid. There’s no predetermined date like there is when you have a job, and this can be frustrating. If you’re looking for a first-time affiliate scheme, or a basic affiliate scheme to generate you a bit of easy cash on the side, then CloudBet Affiliate is probably a good place to start. It will help you get to grips with affiliate schemes, and if you like what you’re dealing with, you can move on to something a little more advanced.