Bitcoin News Today

Anyone have any ideas? Here’s mine: A Bitcoin community-owned, portable, mobile-phone-charging device that is brought to various festivals or conventions?

Something that can be left unattended, just lock it to something and go have fun? Include some information on and with the device (flyers maybe). QR donation codes point to the Bitcoin advertising budget.
Any Bitcoin member could arrange for using the device with a Bitcoin deposit (held by a trustless entity? ). Advertising money pays for shipping it around. Reusable shipping box and prepaid shipping labels.
I imagine we will need someone to take responsibility for the device. Maybe there is a handy Bitcoin member who can both build and ship it around, maintaining it between uses. They could be compensated for their materials and time with advertising budget money.
As for as the device itself: a large lithium battery (and charger), electronics for a bunch of USB outputs, all wrapped up into something nice looking, sturdy, and weatherproof. Include a variety of (semi) hardwired USB cables as well as open USB ports.