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Bitcoin on reddit Today
Bitcoin on reddit TodayAbra..
I’m not a shill for the company or anything, in fact I literally had never heard about it till today but the more I read the more I realized this is it. The killer app for Bitcoin that everyone has been waiting for. In an Uber like manner Abra completely bypasses the traditional banking system and allows individual people to make transactions for each other.
Game theory incentives exist both to become an Abra Teller (essentially that you collect a fee or percentage of each transaction you process) and for users to purchase and sell (unregulated, no setup, eventually lower transaction costs, no need for a bank account, send money instantly to anyone anywhere). I assume the teller fee percentages will be high to start but will come down quickly as more and more average people become tellers to earn a couple extra of whatever currency they use.. My guess is this model will scale and spread like wildfire.
Up till now no matter how easy it has become to use bitcoin applications INSIDE the ecosystem they still all hit the same road blocks when entering or leaving. Abra removes that difficulty will finally, completely detach bitcoin from the antiquated banking sector. The on-roads and off-roads so to speak of the bitcoin system have ALWAYS been the choke point since it’s invention. With Abra I think those on-roads and off-roads just became 20 lane highways with no speed limit. I see the banked and unbanked alike using this app in a big way. Personally I just signed up to be a teller and am excited for the time that they launch in my area. Your thoughts?
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