Coins of note. talking about Zetacoin

Coins of note. talking about Zetacoin

Probably like everyone else, I am tired of talking about Zetacoin all the damn time. I love Zetacoin, and I couldn’t be more firmly entrenched behind it if I wanted to

What many weren’t around for months back was this blog and my twitter account originally talked about and worked on or with a wide array of coins. I developed a pretty nasty case of tunnel vision as we are doing some heavy lifting with Zetacoin, but there are a lot of other solid developers doing amazing things that are worthy of attention.

Instead of a coin only getting attention or press for it’s rapid price raise, I want to talk about coins that seem to be trying to do things the way I would consider the right way. To me, the right way is understanding that it takes time to build an empire and there is a specific process to get there. You don’t blast marketing before you have services, infrastructure or products or even a community. You set out a plan, you create long-term goals, you build your community around that and go to work. I know first hand exactly how that process goes and at times how hard it can be.

I put a post at out looking to chat with devs and coin enthusiasts to see what coins they think fit this mold or what they were excited about. Now, I am excited about these multi-algo coins, ethereum and colored coins but that’s a whole different animal. What I did find pleased me though. Goalcoin really jumped out at me. This is a group led out of Latin America which is great to see roots of crypto taking hold and they seem to have a plan for long-term sustainable growth and expansion out of a niche. First, just realizing they are pigeon-holed and to formulate a plan for broader adoption speaks volumes about their forward thinking. They have reach, infrastructure, products and services. Admittedly, I like what I see but it’s not new ground. I am seeing a lot of adoption of existing services to their coin, but there is nothing wrong with that. I look forward to see where they are at in a few months. I think this coin has a solid future and I’ll consider picking up some. Pinkcoin is one I am on the fence of. I love charity and community so they kind of found a soft spot from me. I’ll have to dig deeper, at face value I’m not blown away but I’ve been wrong before. Yes, I can admit when I am wrong.

Right now I am just rolling my eyes at any coin with the name of a color before it. Perhaps I am jaded after animal and country coins but these folks seem to have their eyes 3 to 6 months down the road with sustainable goals and projects. We all know how I go stupid for sustainable projects. Noblecoin has always been a coin I look fondly on. They just make me happy. This is a group that prides itself on doing things the right way, taking a community concise approach and I believe when all the chips fall these people will stand tall. This is my sleeper pick to really make moves. I think they’ll have to get a bit more aggressive to turn the corner, but that’s just my speculation. Instead of me trying to out do what was already said very well read this – http://www. cryptoarticles. com/crypto-news/heres-why-noblecoin-is-one-of-the-best-all-round-altcoins-out-there-it-has-actual-value-and-use. I will probably be adding some to my portfolio. Lastly, YACoin. I am still waiting to hear back from their lead dev Joe. I was big on this coin back 8 months ago. I haven’t been following it very closely as of late as we all know, I’ve had my hands full of my own nonesense. lol. This might just be nostalgia but I like to think this coin might spring back to life. For the record, I currently don’t hold any but I used to hold 200k. I’ll update this after I speak with Joe and see what they’ve been cooking up. The one thing I’ve learned is that you cannot judge a coin by the price or volume. Usually when a community and developer is working particularly on anything of substance the price will tank and the volume with it because everyone is hard at work. They might have a monster in the garage. I am cautious about Blackcoin. I didn’t care for it’s multi-pool strategy. I mean, I get it but I don’t like it also I don’t think it worked like everyone expected it to. The price going batshit had little to do with pool mining than panic buying with the IRC pushing it into the lower atmosphere.

I think the folks behind this coin have a lot more in store for us in terms of innovation and adaptation. I’d love to see the ingenuity applied to real world adoption than in stealing money from other coins in such a limited community. In another words, instead of trying to be a big fish in a tiny pond, try to establish yourself as a respectable fish in the ocean. I think the folks here can do that and much more if they dare to leave the sandbox. My faith is restored a little bit that there are good people out there trying to make a future in crypto that extends beyond the pump and quick profit which drives me insane.

I want to see innovation in the mobile space particularly in the android market. Apple is going to remain a pain in the ass, but I think between Android and mobile versions of websites a lot more can be done. Can someone explain to me exactly what Litecoin has done except go to conferences and talk about what Litecoin is going to do? Yes, they have basically re-written all the Bitcoin code but that doesn’t justify the price. Litecoin has been around for so much longer than everyone else, with so much more money and developers, their lack of implementation and growth is kind of depressing. I am not bashing them so much as I don’t understand what the hell their strategy is. I don’t get their end game or if they even have one. Maybe I am wrong, but I know a lot of people feel the same way here. Perhaps it’s time to start fitting peer, name, terra, ripple and that whole generation of coins for caskets. It’s crazy how badly their volume and price has dropped and stayed that way.

I figured there would have become classes of coins. Sort of the old guard and the new guard with some mix. It’s basically been the new guard stomping the shit out of the old guard and the old guard is just taking the beating like a pro. I haven’t researched it enough to see if the developers abandoned the coin or what happened but it seems there is nothing at all coming from these old coins. I would love comments telling me what other coins you love, coins you hate, update any info I got wrong or things that should have been included that I missed. Glad to be back in the saddle writing and talking crypto!