CryptostocksWho we are? We are a group formed of  web programmers and a
computer store owner. We own already a small mining farm composed of
GPU’s mining rigs. We would like to share a part of the profits with the
shareholder by selling share on cryptostock. com. The share sold will be
used to purchase more GPU’s and ASIC scrypt miner directly from the manufacture at wholesale price. If you like to see what mining equipments please follow us on twitter we post picture and new updates every few days. https://twitter. com/BTCQuebecAdvantages in investing in BitcoinQuГ©bec StocksYou will never have to worry about paying
expensive electricity bills again, no more loud noise from the fans
running 24 / 7, no more heat in your house or room. We have a team
monitoring the equipment 24h / 7 to assure that the mining is always
running no downtime ever. Also our GPU’s are tweak one by one to make
sure we get the most hashing out of them. Our GoalTo get our farm up to ~300 MH/s in the
next 60 days. Full return on investement should take from 45 days to 90
days depending always on the price of Bitcoin and Altcoin.
Mining Power already in useHere is the list of the hardware we already have in use for mining. Any new equipment we purchase or order will be added to this list. How we will purchase the new equipment50% GPU’s ( Mix of R9 280x, 290 & 290x )
50% ASIC Scrypt Miner ( GridSeed & Alpha Tech )Why this 50 / 50 spit we do this is to make sure we
always have a steady supply of mining power if we need it. By setting up
half GPU and half ASIC, we will not be exposed to a risk of loosing
100% of the mining power if something is to go wrong with either of the 2 technologies. Estimate price of equipment needed. 150 MH/s of GPU’s will cost approximately 150 x 600$ ( ~ 1mh/s ) = 90 000$
150 MH/s of ASIC will cost approximately 150 x 400$ ( ~ 1mh/s ) = 60 000$
150 000$ at the average price of today 550$ would take between 265 to 270 Bitcoins
Share Distribution.
To make sure everyone can get a least 1
share in this project we will issue a total of 270 000 share @ 0. 001
Bitcoins. We will never issue more share for this project once the 270
000 are sold. Dividends. Dividends will be paid everyday once all
coins we mined in the past 24h are trade. 80% of the profits will go
back to the share holder and 20% will go in purchasing new equipment, maintenance fees, electricity fees and or any other expenses related to
the mining.
We invested already 7500$ from our own money in the mining equipment we have running at the moment. At the time we purchase the equipment the price of Bitcoin was around 700$, We basically invested about 10 BTC at the time we purchase the equipment. The calculation for the dividends will be the following. Share sold in BTC / (Iniatial investment + Share sold in BTC) * 100 = % of profit payout in dividendseg. 1 BTC / ( 10 BTC + 1 BTC ) * 100 = 9. 09%Meaning that 9. 09% of the profits will be payout to the shareholders. Once the 270 000 shares are sold (270 BTC) shareholder will own 96. 42% of the profits mined everyday. This % will never decrease once the 270 000 shares are sold. Coins we will mine & pool we use.
60% of the mining power will be on
already traded coins such as Dogecoin, Litecoin etc… 30% of the mining
power will be on coins that we think have good potential to pump and
dump as soon as it hit a exchange and 10% will be and on coins the first
day it come out to maximize the profits on the first blocks. All coin
we mine are carefully pick and studied before we decide to invest any
time mining it.
We only use pool that have been around
for a little while. We will never use a pool that is new and has no
previous feedback on other coins they pool mined. We try to always find
the best pool with the lowest fees. Legal InformationBy purchasing securities or shares from BitcoinQuГ©bec. ca (BTCQC) on cryptostocks. com you understand that this is a very risky investement and that you should only invest what you can afford to loose. We cannot guarantee that you will make a profit by investing in BitcoinQuГ©bec. ca, we can only guarantee that we will gives our 110% to make this project work. By purchasing shares in BitcoinQuГ©bec. ca you understand that you cannot hold responsable BitcoinQuГ©bec. ca our it staff of any financial lost you may have by buying shares in this mining project. Policies many change without notice. for any information please contact use at [email protected]