CryptostocksWe are currently looking for other venues to raise funds for this project. If you are interested we currently asking for P2P funding on www. bitlendingclub. com. Look for BitCloud. Here is a link to our first loan https://bitlendingclub. com/loan/browse/lid/2073/project-development-and-arbitrage-trading. We will be updating our website http://www. bit-cloud. org with information in the near future. Any questions or concerns contact us @ [email protected]What is Bit-Cloud? Bit-Cloud
is an investment project that is composed of digital securities and
assets such as Bitcoin. We research and invest in top preforming
industry services and ideas. Why Bit-Cloud? Bit-Cloud
is a great investment option for investors both seasoned and new to the crypto
space. This investment fund offers a diversified range of investments that
offer more stable way to grow Bitcoin wealth than the traditional market. What Do We Do? Venture Capital: This fund researches and invests in emerging
technologies and companies. Mining: We mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, and various alternative
coins when profitable. These activities will be done through cloud mining to
reduce maintenance costs. Trading: We use a combination of automated trading bots and
manual trading, and trading services to maximize our daily profit. Why Should You Invest? Our goal is to provide our shareholders with a reliable and steady passive income
stream. A portion of all profits from this fund will be distributed to
investors in the form of a dividend. Dividends are paid on a weekly schedule.
The payment schedule is subject to change with prior notice. Planned Total
Shares: 4,000,000ў IPO Phase I: 128,604 Sold @ 0. 00004000 BTCў IPO Flag has been lifted as of 06/20/2014 due to Investors Vote ID 319. Remaining shares will be traded on the open market. Future vote to IPO again is possible. Minimum Fund ReserveBit-Cloud will maintain 20% of fund profits in reserve. As the fund grows this will increase the intrinsic  value of each share and help to maintain a stable share price for shareholders. Shares of Bit-Cloud will  also represent a portion of other crypto currencies held by Bit-Cloud. Project Management Fees20% of the Bit-Cloud project profits will be paid to the Bit-Cloud management teamDisclaimer: Any investment you make evolves risks.
Investment gain or loss will depend on mining difficulties or other
unforeseeable circumstances. The content on this web site is subject to change
at any time without notice.