Physical silver as an investment has performed superbly for the past 10 years, increasing in value over 600% while providing an excellent hedge against inflation. Silver has significantly outperformed both gold and platinum during this time and there’s no reason to think the bullish times for silver will end any time soon.


The objective of this investment club is to provide a convenient means of investing in. 999 fine silver via Litecoin and/or to assist an investor with the gradual accumulation of physical silver as finances permit. Each unit of AGLTC will correspond to 1/50th of one Troy ounce of. 999 fine silver bullion. The bearer of AGLTC may, at their sole discretion, exchange 50 units of AGLTC for one 1 Troy ounce. 999 fine silver round(Apmex, Silvertowne, etc). Optionally, AGLTC bearers may exchange 55 units of AGLTC for one silver American eagle(SAE) if it is preferred. Unlike most precious metal investment clubs of it’s kind AGLTC does not charge any form of processing or administration fee for exercising the option to take physical delivery of silver. AGLTC management agrees to keep enough physical silver on hand to allow for the redemption of ALL outstanding units of AGLTC at any point in time.

Shipping & Handling of bullion:

Actual USPS rates at the time of shipment will apply, payable in Litecoin, Bitcoin, or AGLTC units, whichever is preferred. Tracking will be provided, but insurance will be at the discretion(and expense) of the AGLTC instrument bearer initiating the exchange. Multiple silver rounds may be combined to save on shipping charges, provided they are shipped together. AGLTC management will not be held responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Contact Info:

email: [email protected]
PM(bitcointalk. org): https://bitcointalk. org/index. php? action=profile;u=36667
PM(litecoin. net): http://forum. litecoin. net/index. php? action=profile;u=3907


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Initial offering of AGLTC now available.
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