Cryptostocks requires a verification of people’s ID and address who want to list a project. Customers only trading shares are not required to go through the verification process.
The objective of this process is to verify who the owner claims to be. This process does not evaluate the business proposal made, neither its financial viability nor its technical feasibility. Anyone buying or trading shares in projects
should perform their own background research before making any investment decisions.

The owner of a project – further on referred to “the Onwer” must apply for a verification. The following table describes what documents we require
from the Owner as what information we disclose publicly about the Owner
You must provideWe discloseAccount name,copy of ID,Postal addressEmail address,IP address of your last login,account names,full name,postal addressPublishing Verification Data
With the application for Verification the Owner authorizes Cryptostocks to publish the collected data. See above data on what data we publicly disclose.
Process of Verification
To apply for verification send an email to [email protected] originating from the email address registered with Cryptostocks with two documents:
Copy of a govenment issued IDDocument showing the postal address, e. g. utility bill, bank statement or other valid government issued document. This document must not be older than 6 months. Process for Request for Revoking Verification
Revoking the verification status and thus publicly showing the Owner’s data is noly possible once the propject Owner has purchased back all shares. A formless email from the registered email address is sufficient.
The revocation of verification will result in the delisting of the project.