CryptostocksI hope you are having a great day! I just wanted to confirm that your order has been switched to week 2, and I have refunded you $100. This can take a couple business days to appear. I can’t apologize enough for the inconveniences you have experienced. Thank you for your patience. You have been extremely kind through this! If there is anything else I can do please let me know. GAW Miners TeamThe following was the initial replacement for the mistake that happened in April:Your Order Contains… Cart ItemsQtyItem PriceItem TotalThe Black Widow 13 MH/S+ ASIC SCRYPT MINER (Week One) (Expected release date is 26th May 2014) 1$1,999. 95 USD$1,999. 95 USDSubtotal:$1,999. 95 USDDiscount:-$1,999. 95 USDShipping:$0. 00 USDStore Credit:-$35. 00 USDGrand Total:$0. 00 USDPayment method:BitcoinThank you for your time today and for finally getting this
straightened out.

Here is my address



I look forward to continuing to do business with you.


From: Rami Abramov [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 12:34 AMTo: B. A. M. M. AdminSubject: Re: Order 2624


Hey Allen,


Sorry for the delay in reply! I am looking into this and
will get this fixed for you ASAP. Also, you will compensated for all lost
mining time. 🙂


Please await my next email with further instructions. If I
don’t send you an email by tomorrow 6pm eastern, please ping me.


Thanks so much,


RamiOn Mon, May 12, 2014 at 11:10 AM, B. A. M. M. Admin <[email protected]> wrote:


am writing in regard to order #2624 that had shipped to Malawiв? ? ?   Scott
Fargo from CryptoCoins News has referred me to you.


off, I would like to commend you for how friendly your customer service staff
has been on the phone in dealing with this matter.


on to the frustrating part that his literally taken up hours of my
time.   I have included the breakdown of the scenario that I sent to Tara
early last week below.   To give that a quick update:  I spoke to
Josiah last Wednesday morning, and he assured me that once the Blade was back
in that he would contact me via email to let me know how you would handle this.  
That said, I have been watching the tracking and do see that the blade was
returned on that very same day, https://tools. usps. com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input? strOrigTrackNum=EC560654556US
and I am yet again left in the dark.


the beginning, even if this mistake was made by a customer, I feel that this
situation could have been handled more promptly.   When I first contacted
GAW about the problem, should they not have contacted USPS to try to intercept
the package and tried to get it returned?   This was finally done by Tara
but after I had already been calling for a week.


future plans do included the purchase of many more ASIC devices, and I would
prefer to continue using GAW for that.   After the package mistake, I did
order 2 more Blades from you thinking that this problem would be resolved as I
had talked to your reps on the phone.   These orders had no issues.  


strongly feel that this has gone on for far too long.


would like to thank you in advance for you prompt attention to this
matter.   You can call me at 920-860-4525
if you wish to discuss this with me.


your day,









to Tara
Good Morning to you as well,No, I have not heard anything
from anyone and it has become rather frustrating.   I do applaud GAW for
having very friendly customer service, but the fact that this has gone on for
almost 2 weeks without resolution is disturbing. As you can attest, I have
bothered you daily, and have spent much more time on this than both parties would
desire.  Here is what we know:     -On
April 17th I ordered a Gridseed Blade knowing that it would ship the following
week.      -After
noticing that the shipping option was “International” I selected the
Express option paying $158. 20 to ensure the soonest possible delivery     -I
followed up by calling GAW regarding the International shipping knowing that
you were located in MA.   In the conversation with your customer service
rep, he told me that the Blade would be shipping directly from Hong Kong and
that was the reason for the International shipping.   He also assured me
that I would have it by the end of the week.       -The
above mentioned conversation led me to believe that there were no issues with
the order and that International shipping was needed, and I do not fault the
CSR for not questioning the address as that part was left out of the
conversation.      -After
not receiving the package on Thursday April 24th, I began to investigate and
then realized that there had been some kind of error and that the product was
shipped to “Manitowoc, 54220 Malawi” and not “Manitowoc, WI
54220”     -At
this point I began pursuing the issue with GAW.   After some conversations
with Josiah, I decided to investigate further and was able to replicate the
issue in my IE browser.   I was able to process a separate order, but when
I tried to save the correct address to my account, it came back as the same
Malawi address.   I made a video of the issue replication here:  https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=dwjxiam1yvE     
-I followed this up with numerous phone calls and have spoke to both Josiah and
Tara about the matter This purchase was not an
individual purchase, but was a group buy involving several other
individuals.   I have had to provide proof of my interactions with GAW to
my forum members who have now questioned my motives with the promised product
not being delivered.  We intend to continue
purchasing new ASIC’s as they are released, and would like to continue those
purchases through you.    As far as the initial order, I
understand that mistakes are made and with this was discovered I tried to get
it resolved right away.   I take responsibility for not double checking my
address in the first place, even though it had been correct when I entered
it.    I would like someone to contact
me ASAP at removed to get
this resolved so we do not continue to take up our time (yours and mine) with
the issue.   Also, I would like to say that
your new ASICS look very appealing and I would love to get my hands on one
perhaps in week one. :} Thank
you for your time and for your prompt attention to this matter.