Cryptsy Blog MN1 Contract Info

We’ve had users concerned about the change in the MN1 market where we added 10,000 more shares to the market and I think some might be confused as to what that means.

The initial amount was 10,000 shares for 10 Th of mining power. Because the demand was high, we wanted to fill the demand. What we did was add another 10 Th of mining power to that along with another 10,000 shares. So this means that there is now 20 Th of mining power on those 20k shares. Effectively giving each share the same payouts they had when it was 10Th.   This does not not dilute the per share distribution at all. Some users where confused and thought that we added 10k shares without an increase in overall mining power, which is not the case. There will not be any additional hashing power added to MN1 and we anticipate that market will open for normal trading this weekend. I would also like to remind everybody that there are daily disbursements for MN1, which can be seen if you look at your “Transfers In” ledger for BTC. I would recommend waiting a week or so before making a determination of what the average payout will be, since number of blocks found can vary from day to day.