Infrastructure NFT distribution

NFT has a strategy of constantly reappraising and reinvesting in its business. This enables us to maximise network efficiencies and provide a best-in-class service to our manufacturing and retail clients.

Optimised network for rapid, efficient serviceOur depot network is continuously reviewed to ensure it is fully optimised. This leads to reductions in fuel usage, more effective use of resources and reductions in food miles. It also enables us to provide highly cost-competitive services. We continuously review our energy consumption with the aim of “voltage optimisation”. Through the introduction of new, energy-efficient lighting systems we have reduced energy consumption by 75%. In addition, all our sites use ozone-friendly refrigerants. Latest vehicle technologyWe replace our vehicles regularly which ensures that our fleet benefits from the latest engine technology – currently Euro VI standard in terms of emissions control.

The amount of CO2 tonnage that our operations generate is continuously measured and recorded. This information is reported at Board level, placing the highest level of focus on achieving reductions. We also monitor technological developments such as new fuels e. g. LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and undertake trials in partnership with major vehicle and fuel manufacturers. Systems that simplify supply chainsWe strategically invest in our IT systems, in order to provide clients with benefits that include EDI connectivity, RFID tag writing and product tracking, real-time, web-based POD reporting and the market leading Red Prairie Warehouse Management System.

We also use an advanced NFT Transport Management Planning system in conjunction with Microlise vehicle tracking and telematics systems to drive efficiencies and improve customer service.