Issue 72 - Altcoin Weekly

Issue 72 – Altcoin Weekly

Issue 72 – Altcoin Weekly
Issue 72 – Altcoin Weekly11 – 17 April 2015В Paycoin and GAW seems to be disintegrating further with more federal agencies investigating them. When will all the scams stop? BobbyNot a subscriber? Subscribe at altcoinweekly. comBITCOIN PRICE (BITSTAMP)SPONSOR
В Latest NewsCoin Fire has obtained information that the PayCoin Foundation, led by Mr. Adam Matlack, is now under a multi-agencyВ investigation due to connections to Mr. Homero Joshua Garza. Ripple Labs has appointed former Hightail CEO and Yahoo executive Brad Garlinghouse as its new COO. Bitcoin marketplace Brawker has announced that it will shut down citing competition and the increasing workload as the reasons behind the decision. MarketButtercoin CEO Cedric Dahl opens up about his leadership role at the bitcoin marketplace, and how he believes he could have better navigated fundraising. Excellent CoinDesk quarterly State of Bitcoin report, which focuses on the major developments of the bitcoin ecosystem since Q1 2015. EcosystemNew Proof-of-Stake digital currency NeuCoin has announced that its pre-sale will begin on 28 April. A blog post by Jimmy Song on the drawbacks of Factom. Do read the comment with a reply by Paul Snow, the creator and founder of Factom. In a new interview, Stellar founder Jed McCaleb discusses the project’s new consensus protocol and its plans for the developing world. Zapchain interviewed Nick Tomaino of Coinbase to get some insights into the workings of Coinbase. Joe, Marco, Andrei and Kevin are students and alumni of Boston University by day, and they are building Alt-Options, a solution to the liquidity challenges in virtual currency markets. LegalAttorney Marco Santori explains how the current state of money transmission laws in the U. S. can affect digital currency startups. Dominic Frisby shares his views how the UK authorities seem to be getting Bitcoin regulation right. LearnThe author demonstrates how the private key of a TREZOR wallet can be extracted using a $70 oscilloscope.

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