Issue 88 - Altcoin Weekly

Issue 88 – Altcoin Weekly

Issue 88 – Altcoin Weekly
Issue 88 – Altcoin WeeklyIssue #88
1 – 7 August 2015В Overstock launched t0. com this week at Nasdaq in an otherwise less dramatic week in cryptocurrency. BobbyNot a subscriber? Subscribe at altcoinweekly. comBITCOIN PRICE (BITSTAMP)
В Latest NewsBitfinex announced that they are no longer available for New York residents due to the BitLicense. Patrick Byrne, CEO of US online retail giant Overstock, unveiled tØ. com today at the headquarters of the major US stock market Nasdaq in New York today. Social media lit up with the news that bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto had emerged from the shadows to make a transaction. MarketUsing technology based on the blockchain, he wants to move the stock-loan market onto the Internet. In a new interview, tØ co-founder John Tabacco opens up about Overstock’s blockchain offerings for Wall Street and its working relationship with ICBC. EcosystemThe creator of the Truthcoin believes Augur will fail due to his interactions with the development team and the project’s reliance on Ethereum. Outspoken Eris COO Preston Byrne talks misconceptions about his firm, which is among the more notable to claim the blockchain can exitst without bitcoin. Vitalik Buterim chimes in on the public vs private blockchain debate. MiningPaul Ellenbogen, a second year Ph. D. student at Princeton discusses whether cloud mining makes sense. In the ongoing debate regarding Bitcoin’s block size limit, Bitcoin Core developer Pieter sipaв Wuille has published a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) to increase the maximum block size by 17. 7% per year, starting in January 2017. Lately, there is a discussion on whether it is just a matter of time before the 21,000,000 bitcoin cap will be lifted/changed. In this article, the author argues that this is not going to happen. LegalCoinDesk looks at some of the high-profile politicians embracing bitcoin and blockchain technology to date.

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