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KnCMiner Bitcoin mining – KnCMiner Bitcoin mining –
KnCMiner Bitcoin mining – KnCMiner Bitcoin mining -The 20nm Neptune is reaching it’s customers world-wide. Neptunes In The Wild
As promised, we’ve started shipping our 20 nanometer Neptune processor before the end of Q2 to pre-order customers.
Each and every production-ready Neptune processor we’ve been able to produce has been shipped out to customers as fast as possible.
We’ve received happy shout-outs from miners all over the world reaching 3+TH/s with the Neptune. Deliveries has reached customers in almost 70 countries world-wide and is garnering attention all over the IC industry. Neptunes at the assembly stage.
We’re continuing with deliveries of Neptunes as fast as we can produce, but the demand for Neptunes has been bigger than the successful yield of 20nm wafers has been able to satisfy.
However, any delays in deliveries are offset by our pre-order cloud hashing offer ”Hash While You Wait”, delivering 3TH/s of Bitcoin mining hash rate without any of the headaches involved in actually running mining hardware. Neptune Miner Shout-outs
The image to the right shows Twitter user “Net”, a customer of KnC, rejoicing over the surprise LCD-display we’ve included in the new Neptune Bitcoin Miner, when reaching 3. 3 TH/s.  Other customers are reporting peak hash rates of 3. 5 TH/s and above.
The Neptune is the world’s first commercially available 20-nanometer processor, for any application, and as such an industry-first.
We still have a few Neptunes in batch three available for pre-order in our web shop with expected delivery in Q3. Titan Scrypt Miner Moving forward
In the meantime, our Titan Scrypt Miner is progressing as expected and we plan to ship in Q3. We achieved tape-out of the 2284-core Titan in early June and we see no delays in the production process so far. The Titan is currently in the fab phase, going through the steps required for wafer production.
The Titan is directed towards Scrypt applications, such as Litecoin and we still have a number of them available for pre-order in our web shop.
The KnC Team, June 30, 2014, Stockholm.