Monero Dumps. Altcoins

After a massive bull run to over 0. 026 BTC on polo Monero has finaly started to sell off. After some crazy bitcoin action on the weekend what is coming up for Monero and other altcoins?

Bitcorn in full Troll mode this weekendWhy is this happening? Is there news? What is the news? Why? What happened guise? What is going on? Why did bitcoin sell? Is there a reason bitcoin sold ? рџ™Ѓ Bitcoin going to 580$. After some major dumpage and liquidations on okcoin futures the bitcoin price stablized and has been sideways since the dump. Dash had an inverse reaction and went up some as the other privacy centric coin Monero continued to go down. Now Dash is on the top of the privacy coin battle as far as price is concerned. Decentral Social Media TrendThe hot trend is some kind of blockchain app mixed with an altcoin and a social media platform. LBRY Credits can be used to store files in a way that can not be censored, at least links to the files. We are going to have to dig in and figure out how it really works but as far as the price it is well below the ICO price. It has some active devs and still is waiting for its big pump. AMP vs STEEMAMP is an ICO coin and still has some rounds of funding.

At evey round there will be more of the supply released. Steem was launched and mined without an ICO and has a mechnisim that slows the price discovery. the question isWho will get to zero first? AMP has had a nice run, lets see how the next rounds effect the price. Will people fomo because the price just keeps going up dispite new supply? Steem just keeps bleeding out. Content creators that earned steem create sell presure, and Steemit INC is hireing devs. They need to sell Steem to pay the devs. When will the selling stop? If you catch knifes correctly then it is ok. Will the next wave of shitcoins be social media and privacy based? A hybrid of darkcoin-monero-steemit-amp?