Peer Coin – Buy on Rumors Sell on News

The peercoin price went up and then down. Rumors about NuBits started to get thrown around around Sept. 16th.

NuBits is a USD Derivitive that is pegged to the USD price and it uses Peercoin its crypto central banking policy to maintain the NuBits price. Basicly Nubits was suppost to make the peercoin price explode as it would cause higher demand for NuBits. When was the dump? On the day of the NuBits annoucment,the “News”. The white paper and other info about exactly how NuBits should work was hidden from the public untill launch day. On launchday the price went up and down up and down but in the end there was a dump. Now with all of the scare in the bitcoin market peercoin is also suffering and it is now below 0. 80$ but still above the Aug. 2014 Altapocalypse that saw Litecoin crashing and pulled most alts with it.

The technology behind Peercoin is good. It uses PoW and PoS and is the first Proof of Stake coin. Maybe Nubits will bring added volume and price stablity, maybe not.