Tokens, Assets, Meta-Coins. Counterparty and Forks

There are a few ways for you to make your own crypto tokens aka assets aka meta coins. A meta coin uses an already existing blockchain and adds a layer to it.

In simple terms imagine if you sent a much of bitcoin to one address and then all of the coins that come from this address are the meta coins. (simplified version)Confusing? Yea it can be, first there are different names being used for all of this. I like Meta Coin and Token. Meta Coin = all of these systems use metadata that can be sent with a transaction on a blockchain, therefore “meta” coin. Token = Tokens represent something else and are fungible, just like at the video game arcade where you put your 1$ bill in the machine and get tokens (am I old? ) for the games. Asset = This implies some kind of value WHY? These can be used as an altcoin, shares of a company, tickets, or in game tokens. You do not need to mine the tokens, they are generated and use the hashing power of the blockchain that they are built on. This also provides the security for the tokens. So if you did want to have shares of a company based on blockchain technology, that anyone can see who owns them and how many exist and when they are transferred. You can also do P2P betting and create derivatives such as CFDs. OverviewThese three platforms are all based on counterparty.

They all have a similar look and feel to them and are easy to use. They all also have a test net for you to play around in. Counterpartyblockchain: Bitcoincost to create token: 0. 5 XCPdecentral exchange: livenotes: Bitcoin core developers do not support the project and have reduced the OP_RETURN where you store meta data in the blockchain. Bitcoin has the highest hashrate and probably the most secure blockchain but more expensive to use than the other platforms.

Clearinghouseblockchain: Viacoincost to create token: 100 XCHdecentral exchange: livenotes: Created by the same developers as viacoin which was developed with a large OP_RETURN to make it easy to store meta data in the blockchain. Faster and cheaper than counterparty but not dogeparty. Lower hashrate as dogecoin or bitcoin but still a very stable blockchain. Dogepartyblockchain: Dogecoincost to create token: 0. 5 XDPdecentral exchange: not live yetnotes: Doge core developers are pretty neutral to the project. Faster and cheaper than the others. Still new and has a few bugs. Dogecoin has a good hash rate and with merge mining with litecoin probably a strong future. There are even more options. Colored Coins and Mastercoin also use the bitcoin blockchain while NXT and BitsharesX were created with the purpose of being able to issue tokens and derivatives.