OpenBazaar – Open Source, Decentralised & Unregulated Marketplace

OpenBazaar is an upcoming open-source, decentralised, and unregulated online marketplace

Similar to other projects such as Open TransactionsВ and DarkMarket (OpenBazaar is actually a fork of DarkMarket), OpenBazaar is often described as the BitTorrent of eCommerceв, as it allows for an uncensored, peer-to-peerВ shopping experience with Bitcoin. Users will be able toВ buy and sell literally anything raw milk, flash drives, books, anything imaginable. Of course, being an unregulated marketplace, it should go without saying that OpenBazaar will likely be a safe haven for selling illegal drugs, weapons, and other items. That being said, it’s up to users to decide whether or not to use the service for legal purposes, as OpenBazaar does have many interesting features. And today, the OpenBazaar Dev Team has posted a teaser video showing off the service and announcing a release date.