FAS – Updates / Dividends

FAS Crypostocks
The Good, The Bad & The UglyвThe GoodвNext Dividend Coming Up Feb 14th,
2015 This dividend is coming from a hardware sell. This is the repository address for
dividends: 1KYTh9xQnep6qqBYQpkeh6GRPtmKjfUuqw
Each time it gets about. 304 btc in it,
I will pay a dividend.
I have some hardware sales completed
and I am waiting on the snail-cas to get turned into e-cash. в
We have about 18-20 dividends worth of
used hardware that I will slowly convert from hardware to BTC and
disburse as dividends as I sell it.
The BadвWe own a lot of hardware that is
essential worthless for commercial purposes. It has value, but not
to a business. I have suspended mining with our own hardware because
it costs more in electricity than it can generate in BTC. I still have 2
Antminers (S1) that are running that I was using to supplement the
purchase of hardware on GAW Zen Pool. I will leave these 2
running and redirect their BTC to the dividend pool.
The UglyвWell everything was going great until
GAW shut down cloud mining. In case you missed the FAS
updates: I moved 100% of the hardware allowance over to GAW Zen Pool
and purchased 256 SHA mining hash. GAW even shut down trading of
miners (? ? ? ) WTF… that costs them nothing! In fact they charge a
fee to trade! ! Why the hell they would shut down trading is a
mystery to me.

The current amount of hash that we own
on GAW is:
~2. 0 ths. SHA256 Market Value of
used equipment $550 (New $1100 )
15 mhs scrypt
This is a screen shot from our ledger
today: FAS-
ZenOffer: If any FAS shareholder wants to
volunteer to host an S1 Antminer at their house or office for 90
days, I will mail it to you set up and ready to go. 100% of the
bitcoins it produces will go to the dividend pool. After 90 days you
own it. This way I can get maximum return for the FAS shareholders
for the equipment. Everyone wins. Or if you want to buy one, send me
an offer! 100% of the proceeds go to the dividend pool. If I sell
one ANT Miner, I can make a dividend payment! So we have 16 dividend
payment sitting there in the form of S1 Ant Miners. Moving forward: If GAW Zen Pool
starts back up, we are good to goв. If they go under, then we
are SOL. I will let you know however that I am filing a lien on the
hardware to protect our interests. Their warehouse and office is in
in San Antonio, TX. Its only about $1000 worth of hardware, but I’m
not letting them just have it. If I get the money I’ll just disburse
the funds to the dividend pool. I will post a copy of lien in next
update.. /fasbit