Get your shares now, we are building asic scrypt mining pool and gpu mining pool for alt coin, target 250m hash/s
We are going to build a scrypt asic mining pool with Gridseed GC3355 miner. GridSeed
promised 500 unit after IPO, it about 300/khs of scrypt hashrate each
unit, total hashrate is 150mhs, with 7watt power each miner. It gonna
make a lot profit for us. AndWe can get those miners directly from
manufacturer, not a reseller. And we have nice price if we order 500
unit. I believe it’s cheaper than most people, that help us to get more
units and more hash rate. And one more things you should know,
gridseed still fixing miner bug, hot and stable problem. Our company
located in taiwan, it very close. If there’s any problem, it would be
very easy to solve. And last things you should know, we arent
just building scrypt asic mining pool. We also builing gpu mining pool,
because we believe after scrypt asic miner appears, gpu farmer will be
looking new coin that cant be mined with asic scrypt hardware, like
vertcoin. But why us? Because Taiwan also has cheap electricity costs
and is the home to several internationally renowned motherboard &
graphics card manufacturers such as ASUS and MSI. In addition, the
retail market of computer parts in Taiwan is very mature; ensuring that
the procurement of computer parts for maintenance is easy and
convenient. Invest us today, and earn dividend every week.