Nxt Decentralized Asset Exchange became true

Nxt Asset Exchange (AE), a peer-to-peer exchange, offering almost instantaneous transfer of assets, known as colored coins, which can be designated to represent any idea or object, including cryptocurrencies, fiat, precious metals, shares, land, etc.

For example, it would be possible to trade Amazon vouchers or gaming currencies within the new assets system, Coins Sourse shared the news. In a few weeks Nxt will be launching yet another aspect to their e-currency and that is a digital goods-type store, in which you will be able to purchase goods with the NXT you own. Nxt AE gives you the opportunity to almost all existing e-currencies directly with NXT, making NXT the standard against which all other assets are valued, which has already been successfully tested on Dogecoin. For protection and stability of operations A Nxt Deposit Insurance Fund was created. Nxt AE combined with the messaging system for their anonymous clients offers a broad range of features and providing consumers and suppliers of information on discounts, vouchers and generally everything the user desires. Exchange and trade are completely decentralized, you’ll be able to on-the-go within Nxt’s peer-to-peer decentralized ecosystem. exchange, without having to sign up with a centralized exchange, like Bitstamp or BTC-E, that is directly. Nxt Asset Exchange developers claimed to have solved the dreaded transaction malleability problem that has plagued the Bitcoin protocol for years. Almost all Proof of Work e-currencies (mined currencies) suffer the disadvantage of requiring geometrically increasing amounts of power, to secure their networks. The Nxt cryptocurrency Proof of Stake ecosystem holds a competitive advantage in terms cost of the network maintenance, over all Proof of Work cryptocurrencies including: Bitcoin and legacy banking systems. Nxt, Ripple and Mastercoin work with colored coins, which are intentionally not fungible. They are intentionally distinct and different from one another. Colored coins have a value attached to them, and can represent property, stocks, bonds, commodities or even the concept. If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed.