With a Long History Behind It, Bitcoin Gambling Hits a New High

Bitcoin’s history with gambling goes back to the early days of the currency.

Early on, a few perceptive individuals figured out that gambling would be an attractive use for the virtual form of money, and they created simple, no-frills gambling systems that attained some popularity. Those early gambling systems typically offered little more than videoslots-style games to users, not to different to those found on Casumo, but the most popular of them were backed by cryptography that allowed gamblers to verify that the games were on the up and up. It was some time before more fully featured casinos of similar trustworthiness arrived on the scene. The first of these was a casino known as Vera John, as the Malta-based company employed dependable third-party auditors to assure users that its games were legitimate. That was a big development, because it meant that Bitcoin users could for the first time enjoy more than the simple games they had become used to. It also meant that they did not have to give up the security and confidence they had come to rely on, so the casino quickly attracted a lot of attention. Today, in fact, it is one of the most popular of all Bitcoin-accepting online gambling sites. With hundreds of separate games to choose from and millions of dollars in winnings doled out every day, the site is the virtual equivalent of one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas or another world-class gambling city. Games like Mega Fortune attract gamblers who are hoping to strike it rich, as jackpots of many millions of dollars can be won on relatively small bets. For those who like their gambling in a more reliable, sedate form, plenty of casino classics like blackjack and roulette await, offering up the enjoyment that comes with steady wins of a smaller sort over time. The era of truly satisfying Bitcoin gambling has certainly arrived, then. From relatively humble origins only a few short years ago, the scene has improved to the point that it is now just as satisfying and attractive as gambling with conventional money. That is a big victory for Bitcoin, as well as for those who enjoy using the currency.